Well… I think I’m going to try drawing some stuff…

Well… I think I’m going to try drawing some stuff…

So, as I just need a few characters drawn so I can finish a prototype, I think I’m going to try doing it myself.

I’ve got a pencil and paper and a few tutorials.

Wish me luck! LOL I’ll need it 😀

Also, if it’s truly horrible, I’ll post it here anyways so you can have a laugh and get to hiring someone right away!

Hello Underworld!

This is the start of a new adventure for me. I work full time, but will be devoting as much time as possible to creating a fun, sexy new visual novel that I hope you will all enjoy.

I’m spending my own money getting this started and hopefully will be able to get some art assets soon so I can put out a quick demo of the first day. I have day 1 complete already but with unauthorized art at the moment (just to see how it might look). I won’t release that version as I’d rather pay artists for their work (as we all should! I know I certainly don’t have any talent and I appreciate those who do!)

Thank you all again for coming with me on this journey and if you’d like to contribute to getting things done a bit faster, please go to my Patreon.

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