New character art #1!

New Professor Lucifer.

Happy New Year!

Here’s looking to big things in 2019!

Thank you for your patience!

Hey guys 🙂 Just want to say I haven’t forgotten about this game ^_^ I will definitely be updating (for one I need to fix a bunch of the art!) I also need to rework a few things, but I’ll try to have some content up in the next few weeks I hope. I’ve been focused on a side-project (that I’ve been using to help me improve my skills for this, my main project).

Thank you for your patience!

Just an update! About 450 have downloaded from and more here too. Thank you! More coming soon!

I hope to have a lot more by end of December. Although, to be honest, I might get sidetracked redoing some of the sprites (I only like 3 or 4 of them :P).

We’ll see! Please give some feedback on the game if you have any. I’d love the good and bad!

Demo build!

Here’s a demo for #barajam 2018.

Hope you guys like it! Please send feedback and consider supporting on (or just follow for feedback)

Demo build should be coming within 10 days!

go to my patreon and sign up to get notification of it’s release!

NEW group photo!

Forgot to add the last two characters (and I changed one of them so a new group shot soon!)

The Whole Cast!

We have our Main Character and 7 professors!

Must be good and keep updating here! Three more characters done!

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