Joined Bara Jam 2018

Getting great feedback from the wonderful people involved in Bara Jam 2018.

Check out their twitter @jam_bara

First character art done! Introducing Lion-Demon Martial Arts Instructor Lucifer!

Introducing Lion-Demon Martial Arts Instructor Lucifer!

Lion-Demon, Martial Arts Instructor, Lucifer!

Thank you to @dantethebeastt

New OC designs of my Deevil persona :)

A fantastic job designing my OC Deevil by @Fragotomy on Twitter (Fragore on Fur Affinity).

Thanks bud! 😀

Demon version of Deevil

Human (ish) version of Deevil

Managed to enter in all of Day 1 and Day 2 for one character

Managed to enter and get working of Day 1 and most of Day 2 for one character (this is about my 5th revamp of it 😛 luckily I’ve been able to use a lot of what I previously had in there).

I have up to and including up to day 5 done for this character and I have rough outlines of a complete path for all 7.

Once I have the first week (or at least 5 days) entered for character 1 I’ll do the stories for the next and try interweaving them.

Still not too sure if the player should only go on one path and therefore not be able to really pursue the others, or if I should allow more than one path at a time, maybe that would open up threesomes or more? hmmm, simpler to let them pursue one at a time I think. But we’ll see!

I do my best work after midnight it seems! ugh! good thing I don’t work too early tomorrow!

2 days off and I have to clean and run errands *grrr*

I feel like I have my first 2 days off in forever and I’m spending the whole time cleaning the apartment and running errands 🙁

I’d rather be getting a first release out!

Whoops! Haven’t updated in longer than I thought!

Whoops! Haven’t updated in longer than I thought!

Sorry about that. Still working and reworking! Haven’t been able to do too much over the last couple of days and still eagerly anticipating the first piece of artwork.

Hopefully will have a very strong first few days of the game soon, but we’ll see. Very busy at work and super tired the last few days so have only managed very small steps. I also keep reworking the script because I want it to actually be intriguing and not just a smut-fest (as nice as that is, it doesn’t really make you want to keep playing, or keep trying other options).

Anyways, I’ll keep plugging away at it as the days progress. When I see other games that are still updating after years of development, I don’t feel so bad. It’s really only been, like 2 weeks? so I’m doing well I think.

Is it weird that I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot?

Is it weird that I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot?

I’ve gotten through a HUGE amount of structure work and putting together the actual framework for each day shouldn’t be too tough from here on out.

It’s very exciting!

OH! And even more exciting! I’ve seen a sketch of Professor Lucifer (first commissioned art) and he looks fantastic! I’m really impressed with what @DanteTheBeastt ‏was able to accomplish in just a few minutes. I’m sure the finished product will be amazing 😀

Fantastic Progress Today!

I’ve made some fantastic progress today!

I’ve built some menus, improved the colour scheme and mapped out the basics of the world, the classes, the events and dates, etc.

Now it’s time to write it all! lol.

I have a structure!

I think I finally have a reasonable structure for this project! YAY!

Just like sex, I guess, it can be really easy to jump on the goods, rather than take your time and ease into it 😉

I believe I have a good structure for the story and a reasonable way to proceed with stories (and getting “points” towards grades, that sort of thing… final result would give different ending, etc. etc.)

Yeah, all starting to come together. Now to filling out the daily details and most importantly, keeping it interesting! not just a smut fest, but we need to root for the characters, right?! (there will be lots of sexy time though, especially if I keep writing stuff at 3 in the morning 😛 lets just hope it makes sense!)

I have an artist!

I have an artist!

So, I commissioned my first piece of art (scary!). I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Very exciting. I also think I’ve got a good outline for the structure of the game. I’d already put 3 days together in Ren’Py trying things out from a previous idea, but I think I’ve really got a handle on it now. Just thought I’d stop by and update here 🙂

Wish me luck!

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