Whoops! Haven’t updated in longer than I thought!

Sorry about that. Still working and reworking! Haven’t been able to do too much over the last couple of days and still eagerly anticipating the first piece of artwork.

Hopefully will have a very strong first few days of the game soon, but we’ll see. Very busy at work and super tired the last few days so have only managed very small steps. I also keep reworking the script because I want it to actually be intriguing and not just a smut-fest (as nice as that is, it doesn’t really make you want to keep playing, or keep trying other options).

Anyways, I’ll keep plugging away at it as the days progress. When I see other games that are still updating after years of development, I don’t feel so bad. It’s really only been, like 2 weeks? so I’m doing well I think.