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The Bodybuilder (new LINEAR Visual Novel on

New FREE Game! Orcs of Moredick!

New Short Story + 18 high resolution pictures

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Or get it free if you’re a $5 or more Patron at

New Game! Cute Cock Clicker!

New Game! Orc Running Club (Demo)

New Game?! Tim’s Terrible Tuesday!

If you’ve already got A Day in the Park, my new game: Tim’s Terrible Tuesday will be only $4 instead of the regular $5. Of course there’s a demo available too, so check it out!

It’s a fun little game (I hope?!). Let me know what you think 🙂

See the update here or download the demo or purchase the full version here.


Update to v0.90 – redid Alan animations, added a DEMO version and added Animation Gallery!
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New Game Released – A Day In The Park

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been working on this game about as long as I’ve been working on Incubus Academy but decided to take a few weeks to finish this one off. It’s much shorter than IA and focuses more on the sex 😉 I will work more on IA, just needed to get this out.

Patrons: I’ll be emailing those of you who’ve donated $4 or over a download key so you don’t have to pay for the game.

Make sure you play all routes, and don’t miss the gallery. Each route can be played multiple times for different cumclusions.

I hope you all enjoy!


New version 21 free on

Incubus Academy v21

-Disabled the “taking pictures” function (it only worked on PCs)

-Made a gallery (accessed through the phone like pictures were in previous builds)

-new ANDROID version available!

-Minor script fixes

-Lucifer route is complete (ish)